A Sensitive (Paranormal)

Highly Sensitive People have according to a psychological disposition an increased susceptibility for stimulations. This increased receptivity for outer (e.g. noises, odours, contacts) und inner stimulations (e.g. reminiscences, ideas, thoughts) leads to the fact that Highly Sensitives perceive more information. In addition, they process these vastly deeper and profounder than non-Highly Sensitive People.
The term “Highly Sensitive Person” (in short: HSP) had been raised in 1996 by the American psychologist Elaine Aron in her bestseller: “The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When The World Overwhelms You”.
Studies proved that Highly Sensitives – as far as they are not under acute pressure – are healthier and happier than Non-HSPs. Healthier because their marked early warning system informs them in time of sanitary and other dangers. And happier because HSPs perceive all emotions more intensive. Predominate positive emotions significantly, HSPs live deeper and more intensive moments of happiness.
A negative side-effect of the high sensitivity is the early reach of feelings like flood of stimulation or overtaxation. So, vapours or dust in the air can influence a Highly Sensitive as strong as loud music, glaring light, tight clothes or the noises of computers or other machinery. Hunger can bring a Highly Sensitive so out of control that he cannot concentrate any longer even with great efforts. Lack of sleep reduces the efficiency of HSPs massively, mutual tensions or conflicts upset them completely and in situations of competition or under observation it is more difficult for them to obtain good results. Often there will be found a strong appeal of Highly Sensitives to fears, sorrows and needs of their fellow-men or other creatures in general. A lot of difficulties go along with the fact that a Highly Sensitive Person expects unconsciously the same sensitiveness from his fellows. This can easily lead to be misunderstood or to feel being treated unjust. Often the Highly Sensitives are those who risk their lives in times of terror and absurdity to help other or to honour the truth.
Typical mostly positive lived aspects of high sensitiveness are:
- marked intuition and the ability to read between the lines
- strong sense of justice and idealism
- sensitiveness
- intensive feeling, perception and living
- perfectionism und reliability
- very good perception of details
- being stronly attracted by the beauty of nature and art
- thinking in wider connections, deep reflexion
- strong sympathy for the sorrow but also for the happiness of other people
- susceptibility for mysticism and symbolism
- creativity
Typical mostly negative lived aspects of high sensitiveness are:
- support stress and hectic only with difficulty
- inclination to diverse oversensitivenesses (allergies, food incompatibilities etc.)
- have difficulties in demarcation
- being startled easily
- the feeling to be less able to stress
- inclination to overreaction
- inclination to pondering
- the frequent need to withdraw
A lot of HSPs are strongly empathetic. They strongly get into the spirit of their fellow-men, thus share their feelings and obtain on this way understandig for the action of the others. Empathy is a gift that makes it possible to have a close link to the psyche of other people. People who project themselves too much into other peoples’ mind are endangered to put their own wishes and feeling so far in the background that they forget to perceive them not at all.
Further typical abilities and talents of Highly Sensitive People are:
- great pontential in recognizing of avoiding of mistakes or errors
- conscientiousness and ethics
- above-average ability to concentrate
- marked ability to recognize little differences
- Reflectiveness, reflextion, thorough procession of the perceived
- being very critical and perfectionist
- lifelong ability to learn and curiosity
- strong influence by stimulations and emotions of others (positive as well as negative)
- good listener, patient
- rather “right brainhalf” thinker, that means less straight but instead of creative and synthesizing.
The first human job sharing might have been into shaman and non-shaman, with other words: HSP and non-HSP. The earliest task of a shaman or High Sensitive were probably the observation, interpretation and influencing of nature. It was HSPs who recognized the relations between man and nature, observed the weather cycles and interpreted the most favourable time for cultivation, harvesting or chasing. They were mediators between mankind and the non-human or godly world and thus some kind of a primeval priest. The conjuration of natural demons by self-created images with the help of rhythms and plastic models and the creation of communication with the higher powers could be considered as beginnings of ceremony and art. Besides the priesthood, HSPs also dominated the domain of art and science. Further traditional responsibilities of High Sensitives were the tradition and archives. In addition, HSPs often were competent in healing and health, the wholeness and life-help. Another ressort was that of a consultant who cared for the maintenance of social stability by forming the voice of reason and deliberateness on the side of ruling people. Thus HSPs had a firm place in the middle of society where their far-sightedness and complex perception was highly appreciated.
However, in our modern Western civilisation HSPs are rather pushed to the edge. They mostly do not place themselves into the foreground, feel not well in situation of competition and thus are mostly thos in professional life who obtain no promotion. They do not put themselves on the stage or sell themselves noisy. Besides that, the professions which former were typical for Highly Sensitive People changed in recent times und now they are too profil-oriented and nerve-racking. Professional refuges for Highly Sensitives are still therapist, psychologist, helping professions but also programmer and other ressorts where consequent logic is asked as well as recesses in teachership. Also scientists, artists and archivists of knowledge and art are still in the hands of High Sensitives.
But all societies and life-forms sooner or later pay their price for the non-integrity and non-consideration of the valuable and particular abilities of their higly sensitive representatives. A society without a sensitive consultant will come sometime into difficulties because it is lacking the necessary balance against the cult of the stronger and the chase for shortterm success. These difficulties can already be seen and felt and it is hopefully only a question of time until it will be acted correspondingly.

Paranormal in general

Some people can perceive energy. This is called paranormal, what means above the normal. It isn't normal for science because they do not understand how this is possible. But actually is paranormal very normal, almost everyone has it. Some have hide away, others just don't use it. But all the people who experience it, can all experience it in their own way. This is because there are many ways of being paranormal, clairvoyance (paranormal seeing), clairsentience (paranormal feeling & knowing) and others exist. (Go to paranormal - seeing, feeling, knowing, hearing, smelling and tasting)

The paranormal is very wide. Within for example clairvoyance there are several gradations and possibilities. The first one sees auras, another one get images through. Further someone feels leylines, while someone else feels hartmannlines. Many many possibilities, gradations and compilations. Often they are easy to combine; someone sees an energyline, and with paranormal knowing he knows it is a hartmannline. We only should be very carefully that we ourselves do not work as a filter.
The sixth sense = paranormal
Paranormal is the sixth sense of humans. Paranormal means 'above the normal', it is considered to be something that many people aren't used to, but it is more abnormal if people aren't paranormal (read: are conscious of having it). It is different from what we know, but it is normal. Almost everyone is paranormal, only many people do not know it from themselves. It is a sense that can be developed. People who (think they) aren't paranormal, can be compared with someone who hasn't his smell, like never have learned to smell. Some people think 'paranormal' is an ugly word, it is normal for them, and actually it is.

In European history the rulers have hide away the paranormal. It was a treat to them. people weren't allowed to talk about it and were called mad if people did. But there always have been people that were paranormal, a well-known example was Nostradamus (Michel de Notredame). He made prophecies about the future. With his gift he made many predictions, and many of them came true. This is a well-known example, but there have been many other people too.

The sixth sense of humans is very sensitive. The sense can perceive energies from places. Perceiving in the future, present and past. Everything leaves some energy behind, and this energy can be perceived by the sixth sense. But also has everything people do a consequence, people create the path in the future. People can always choose for something else. The future isn't fixed; if people remain doing things each time the same, then they follow the path straight ahead. But when is chosen for something different, a side-path is taken. Because there are many side-paths, the perception with the sixth sense doesn't really have to happen. Different choices create a different future.

The sixth sense can be influenced very easy. With conceitedness the information and energy is influenced and go through a filter. When this filter isn't clean, it influences the information someone is getting through, and weaken the power of the energy that is getting through. Not only conceitedness creates wrong information, also other negative characteristics humans can have do transform the information. For example being arrogant, being a snob, having an ego, and so on. To keep the information as pure as possible, it is smart letting it flow freely. When people try to control it, the information can transform. Also wanting to many things, wanting to experience as much as possible works bad.

The paranormal of a person has as basis the consciousness of that person, and that consciousness has as basis the health of the person. To use or work with the paranormal well, a good health is needed. The consciousness between people can differ. However it can be compared very worse with someone else. A person can walk through the different phases of consciousness. When someone continues with the next phase this will be noticed very clear, the transition between two phases is very perceptible. The person will notice the difference between the 'unconscious' past and the conscious at this moment.
The consciousness-spectrum exists out of several phases. People can be unconscious (from very unconscious to less unconscious), in this condition the person takes no notice of the things that passes. Further, people can be conscious and more conscious, then someone is 'awake'. And when someone continues with his or her development they will be conscious, but do not need to think. Then people can watch the things that happen and perceive the environment, without any need of thinking what is perceived. Then people do not need to have thoughts about it, they can leave the mind open and free. When the health of someone gets worse, it will guide away the attention of the consciousness, what causes the person getting less conscious. Also the paranormal abilities will (temporary) decrease.

The sixth sense is present next to each of the first five senses. The sensors people use daily aren't the same sensors as the sensors of the sixth sense. Besides the paranormal abilities of
- clairvoyance (seeing) - also: clairvoyancy, clairsighted, clair seeing, psychic vision, visionary
- clairsentience (feeling) - also: being a clairsentient, being a feeler, clair feeling, clair sensing, psychic feeling
- clairsentience (knowing) - also: being a clairsentient, clair knowing, clair sensing, psychic knowing, having a knowing
- clairaudience (hearing) - also: clairaudient, clairaudeo, clair hearing, psychic hearing
- clairolfaction (smelling) - also: clairolfactory, clair smelling, psychic smelling
- clairgustation (tasting) - also: clairgustatory, clair tasting, psychic tasting
also other phenomena exist, for example telepathy, telekinesis, levitation and for more see below.

Other names for paranormal: inner awareness, sensitive, second sight, inner senses, hidden senses

Deja vu = you have the feeling that you have been in the exact same situation or place before.
Visions = clairvoyance (visionary).
Visualization (= practice magic) = keeping a thought in mind of what you want, this .
thought is transmitted, and next you let it go, after which it will be realized after some time.
Telekinesis = moving things with your mind (also called: psychokinesis or parakinesis)
Levitation = lifting up yourself or things by the mind
Near dead experience = the conscious of a person leaves the body and gets a view in the beyond/hereafter (on your own level), but returns to the body
Out of body experience (OBE) = the conscious of a person leaves the body for some
 time, and returns later to the body (also called astral projection or astral travel)
Clairscrivence = writing down what you inwardly hear (also clairaudient writing)
Automatic writing = a person let his hand leading by a spirit, who let the hand write things down
Channeling = making contact with (higher) beings, of what information is received
Medium = someone who is able to make contact beings in other consciousness (for example spirits, devas, etc)

Telepathy (mind reading)
Telepathy is perceiving directly the thoughts and feelings that are present in another consciousness. A paranormal awareness that perceives another person's experience for example, but it can be an animal or every other being. The distance doesn't matter, this can be a metre, but also thousands of kilometres away. Telepathy is the transfer of thoughts from one mind to another. These thoughts can be both in words as in images. You see or hear the images in your head, like someone shows you something or let you hear something.

What is dowsing?
Dowsing is the exercise of a human faculty, which allows one to obtain information in a manner beyond the scope and power of the standard human physical senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. This is possible using tools or using intuition or paranormal abilities / the human ~body (=deviceless dowsing).

Dowsing is often used for the search for hidden things like water or metals. The search for water (with especially a dowsing rod) is also called 'water witching'. Nowadays it is often used for tracking down leylines and earth rays. Dowsing is an ancient art. It has been used in Egypt, and also with making the choose where the sanctuary had to come.

Other words for dowsing are: divining or divination, rhabdomancy, doodlebugging, and radiesthesia. The French use the word sourcier for finding the invisible (origin: finding water). Someone who is practicing this ancient art, is called a dowser or a diviner.

Dowsing with an instrument can be done in several ways. The four most known possibilities are: a dowsing-rod (L-rod and Y-rod), a pendulum, a lecherantenne, and a bobber/biotensor.

It is also possible to dowse by using intuition or paranormal abilities (inner senses). Some people can see leylines running across the surface. Others can see that more energy is present at specific locations.
Some people are a clairsentient. This means that they got answers inside themselves about certain subjects with knowing that it is true. They do have the feeling that it certainly is true, but they can't explain it rationally. They only have to ask themselves a question, and an answer comes in. This also can be called 'paranormal knowing' or 'inner knowing'. With this inner knowing the are able to know where leylines run across the surface of our planet.
Much more people can feel energies. They find it nice on some places, but elsewhere it doesn't feel well for them, and move elsewhere. Other people are more conscious about the feeling they have. They can sense feelings and emotions of other people. With this inner feeling they can sense leylines too.

What is clairsentience or paranormal feeling?

Other names: being a clairsentient, being a feeler, clair feeling, clair sensing, psychic feeling

Clairsentience is used both for paranormal feeling and paranormal knowing. Paranormal feeling is the feeling of subtle energies. These can be different energies, for example energies of the environment where you are or the feelings and emotions of people. These energies that are perceived of the environment do fly on the specific location. In this way, every house has another atmosphere, that is modified by the owners of the house. This energy can remain in the house for a long time after the new owners moved in.

With the feeling of people (or animals) you make contact with the aura of that person. When that contact is made, you "watch" the energies. It is better not taking them over from the other person.

Someone who is clairsentience, feels often only a part or some of the possibilities below. Besides the ways of clairsentience mentioned below, there are also other possibilities.

What possibilities do exist?

· Feeling energies with the hand

· Feeling energies elsewhere

· Feeling colours as communication

· Feeling nature spirits

· Feeling someone is dying (angels)

· Feeling other people (feelings & emotions) (being an empath)

· Feeling that someone is watching you

· Feeling things fit with you

· Sculping/scalping

· Feeling a connected soul

· Experiencing you are something different than just a body

· Automatic writing

· ~ ~ Electrosensitive ~ ~

· Other?

· Feeling energies with the hand

Feeling energies can with all parts of your body. Some people feel with their hands. Then they feel a cold of warm in their hand when there is something. Also people exist that feel both warm and cold in their hands when they feel energies. Feeling a cold of something warm in the hand while you try to sense the energies of a human body with your hand, means that there is something wrong. When a person something warm the specific point where the problem is can be determined. If a person feels cold in his hand then the specific point can't be determined, but which part of the body is still possible. The things that can be felt can be in different gradations.

· Feeling energies elsewhere

When a lot of (positive) energy comes to you a very nice tingling can come in (a part of) your head. When the energy is very strong the whole head can feel such tingling, what sometimes even can be felt in the shoulders. In your head you can also feel a worse (negative) tingling when something feels bad. This tingling feels different.

It is also possible that it is felt very cold, for example in the lower legs, knees and upper legs. It is for example also possible that you get the feeling you have to kneel, because your legs get very heavy. Another possibility is that it feels like you sink in the ground. And so there are many other feelings.

The feeling on places does occur many times with people. Sometimes it is thought that all the energies of a location are felt, but the opposite is true. A person does mostly feel only a single or just a few energies that are present. It is very rare if a clairsentient person can feel all the energies that are on a site.

· Feeling colours as communication

Feeling colours is that someone perceives the communication with for example a spirit in colour with his/her feeling. All energy and information that comes in, comes in as a colour (not through the eyes, but as a feeling). With all the feeling-information (and energy) that comes to you, is experienced as colours. Every piece of information (energy) has another colour. Mostly the meaning of the colours is known, but it can take some time to found out what it means. There is much information 'hidden' in the colours. Also the origin of where the information comes from came be seen in the colour. It can be compared with the accent of words, there are little tiny differences in the colours and meanings. It looks like synaesthesia, hearing colours and seeing sounds.

· Feeling nature spirits (devas)

On specific places in the landscape nature spirits are present. The energy of them can be felt very well, even if they are under the ground. There isn't just one feeling for nature spirits. This is because there are many hybrids, that differ just a little bit from other devas. Because of this their feeling is also different for each hybrid. Nature spirits are earth-creatures that are very connected to our planet.

· Feeling someone is dying (angels)

Before someone is dying, a process will precede with what the person is set free from his body. This process can take some weeks and is carried out by angels. Some people have the ability that they can feel it when someone else is in his (mostly unconscious) process of dying. What some people can feel is the presence of certain angels who help human beings going beyond.

· Feeling other people (feelings & emotions) (being an empath, being empathic, or having empathy)

Sometimes a clairsentient person can feel the feelings and emotions of other people, this is called being empathic. It is possible that this empathic person perceives emotions en takes them over, but this shouldn't happen, because it influences the health. During the feeling of others it is needed to remain clear and empty of the emotions of others. Feeling another people can even be on a distance, sometimes a photo is used for this. With the feeling of a photo it is possible to feel the heartbeat of the person on the photo.

Someone who is very sensitive can for example feel that the person on the photo is an alcoholic. If the sensitive person doesn't protect himself he even can get drunk (for several days). Another example is a person on the photo with stomach-cancer, the sensitive can get pain in the stomach. Also feeling where the pain is of someone is possible. Another possibillity is that there is felt how the person real inside is.

Besides feeling people it is for example also possible for animals.

· Feeling that someone is watching you

Quite often people are feeling that someone is watching them. The attention from the watching person is catched (received) by the person who is being watched. The energy of watching pricks in the aura field of the other person, which is felt.

· Feeling things fit with you

With a walk in the countryside people do find little stones (as example). There are people that do feel unconsciously which stone feels very well for himself that fits energetically, without knowing this and just pick up some stones. But there also people exist that feel very conscious which stone fits with them. This feeling what fits with yourself is very useful for your own health as example.

· Sculping/scalping (unknown how to write)

Sculping is when a being goes through your body, from the front to the back or from the back to the front. This can be an orb or an entity/spirit who is doing that. The person who is sculped will notice this very strongly, but weaker is also possible. In general the people who experience such sculping do get a very nice feeling over them. A being going through your body can be felt very well sometimes, and is sometimes even visible. This experience is very rare. Sometimes it can mean that an entity wants to thank you for what you have done.

· Feeling a connected soul

With feeling a connected soul is meant when you meet someone for the first time, you do have the feeling you already know this person, that you have something together, but not from this life. How stronger the feeling, how stronger (larger) the relationship. A story about this explains it as follows. Several souls are born from a cosmic egg. The soul that is next to you is the strongest related to you, the soul next to your neighbour is less stronger related, and so on, and so on. How closer the other soul is born with your soul, the stronger the relationship will be, and how stronger the feeling of knowing each other will be. The soul who is related to you the most is called a twin soul or a soul mate. Twin souls complete each other and do fit well. There are also souls who are negative related to a person. When two negative related souls have a relationship, one of them sucks too much energy from the other.

· Experiencing you are something different than just a body

Many people experience themselves as a body, they think they are the body. That isn't true. People aren't aware that humans exist out of a body, consciousness and a soul. Many people do know about it, but do not experience it and experience themselves as a body. There are also people that are aware of it and experience this. They feel themselves sitting inside a body instead being a body. The body is the vehicle to move themselves on Earth. It feels like floating/flying in the body. You can steer your body with full consciousness, but this usually is steered on automatic pilot.

· Automatic writing

Automatic writing is a written message from for example a guide or entity who is writing with your hand, but typing on a computer is also possible. Your hand is temporary "taken over" and is writing (or typing) a message on paper. Sometimes the messages are written in other languages. The handwriting with what is written is mostly different from your own handwriting. When someone goes thinking about the writing, this will possibly block or disturb the automatic writing. To write well, it is needed to be empty of mind and letting the writing going free.

It does look like channeling (letting a guide/spirit talk through you), only now just the hand is used for the message.

·     Electrosensitive

In the current days humans have many electrical equipment in the house and outside that creates radiation. Almost all the equipment that is connected with the power network does create a certain radiation, from the radio to the computer screen. Also mobile phones and wireless equipment creates radiation. Some people can have trouble with this radiation and get unhealthy. Perhaps electrosensitive doesn't belong here, we suspect it isn't a clairsentient characteristic, but a hypersensitve reaction to radiation.


  1. How do you shut it off? Knowing when people are going to die all the time is.starting to affect daily activities.