The Ghost Detective.

I’ve now been working with the paranormal now since around 1994. I have worked with some of the best researchers and investigations teams across UK Europe and also some of the worst teams known to this business. I have worked and researched some of the UK's most haunted locations etc: Castles, Manor Houses, stately homes, War and battle sites.

I have come across many types of paranormal activity in my time. Sometimes I fear it and sometimes I love it but NEVER once have I run from it. I have worked with my dear friend Mark Turner, Founder and lead Investigator for Ghost Finders, Scotland. Also Mark is one of the top EVP research in the UK.

 My greatest inspirations throughout the past 20 years have been Peter Underwood (Ghost Hunter and Author), Harry Price (Psychic Investigator), but most of all my parents for helping me to make the dream of doing what I love real. They have been the biggest support anyone could ask for throughout my professional career. They are the reason I continue with my research with the passion and determination I carry with me today.

I started researching the paranormal as a hobbies way back in 1994 and after three years I became so hooked on this that I started my own team up. After three years of working and working hard I started to learn much more by reading books and watching others that had done this line of work for many years. Peter Underwood has been a paranormal book writer and Ghost Hunter since the early 30s in the Harry Price years. I now run my second team TR.I.P.A UK with my dear friends Tim Iddin and Helen Sanderson. Also I had now started working full time teaching across the United Kingdom and Europe in Haunted Locations as a paranormal Researcher and under taking paranormal tours and events for the public of a way to fund the scientific Investigations run by Team T.R.I.P.A UK now known as team Underwood.

I started a few online part time Uni courses in the hope I could learn as much information as I could about this line of work but in fact there really nothing that can help you apart from you spending as much time as you can out there researching & Investigating. I started working with some of the best Paranormal Investigators and researcher across the UK such as Mark Turner (Ghost Finders of Scotland) who has shown me many things that I never found from reading book on E.V.P,. Thanks to him and other that in time I will thank on this website in due course. In 2009 I took some time out from my work as I found myself becoming sick due to the fact I was working seven days and nights per week on very little sleep.

Now I ‘am back working fulltime again but this time I ‘am only working five days a week rather than the full seven days lol. I ‘am undertaking a paranormal Radio show right looking at the paranormal world from a scientific angle such as ghost, E.M.F field, E.V.P and ultrasound etc: It’s not a easy field to get into, although it’s easy to start up being a ghost hunter or a paranormal investigator buts to be good at it you must read, watch and learn as I find there is so many team now working around the world that base their teams on how the they see it done on the TV. Just take note people when I see that ghost hunting / paranormal researching is not how you see it done on the TV. It’s not all bangs and doors slamming. My dear readers in truth its long cold dark nights in some cold dark damp castle room for at times up to 12 hours with nothing going on.

I ‘am not one for writing about ones myself’ Yeah that's why I rather pay someone to write for me and about me. So here I find myself at my desk thinking of what would be best to write about as I know it will not make a hold load of scene anyways. Well here goes everything' I have always been into the paranormal right from the word go since being a small boy and in 1990 I started reading more books on the subject of ghosts and hauntings from Peter Underwood and Harry Price. Then in 1994 I started going out to a few small castles around my area with a flash light and notes book and pen with very old 35mm camera (lol). Now when I think about this and the things I used in the very beginning its a wonder I’ve got as far as I have today. Twenty years on and I’ve worked with some of the UKs leading paranormal research/investigations teams ,Radio Media and a few Magazines Yes also some of the UKs worst teams that seem to think that TV ghost hunting show were sent from God and that's how they should base their investigations on. OK let’s not get me started on what I think about TV shows (lol). So I started Teesside Research Into Paranormal Activity UK I think around 1999 and back then things were somewhat better because of (again) TV has killed of any FREE locations.

In 2007 I started an open Uni course on parapsychology and after allot of hard work and many a late nights reading, studying I got my diploma and so the hard work goes on.

When you live and breathe the paranormal like I did it takes over your life in ways you would never even notice. As much as I love my work and my research I have to stop from time to time and just take a look stop myself from been taken over by everything. Many people say to me now' Shaun you have NO LIFE! They tell me and when I think about what point there trying to make me see then I see that they are right but my work is my life.

Many people ask me for help on where to start when doing any investigating or just the research, I just say listen, watch and read but no matter what others teach you about ghosts that fact is you'll learn your own way. Just stick in and you'll know soon enough weather this line of work is really for you or not. Watching TV ghost hunters and will not teach you anything but to be A GOOD FAKE.

Well I just hope I've not sent you to sleep and if your reading these last part then good, you’re still awake!!

If you need to know anything then please just drop me a line anytime and if I can help teach you can teach me something new then email me please. The paranormal is always changing and the investigators must change and learn with it. There is not one man or a woman that knows everything about the paranormal (ghosts) as there is always something new with each passing day to learn.

I just want to prove to myself that I can for fill a lifelong dream. I am willing to train or help and advice any upcoming new team or person to understand everything that you'll need to undertake a role in the paranormal investigations world. There are today so many people and teams watching far too much TV and just heading out to their local church yards or grave yards to hunt ghosts. They have NO PLANS, NO IDEAS and no damn clue to what they are dealing with. Come on people do your research, learn, and then investigate. TV is killing everything with regards to ghosts and the paranormal. I should not really call myself a paranormal investigator as I DONT do anything else other than GHOSTS and the field of research that runs alongside.

I know not everyone is like me and using my methods but my methods are tried and tested and 20 years in the making. Just seems that now everyone can see and feel ghosts. Everyone’s making money doing events, OK!! Let’s just get one thing clear, I also do events but my events are to teach the public the right way' yes my way but they use my way to suit their way. Can me mad but it really does make me very angry to see these so called team in the UK & US giving the dedicated people and team a REAL BAD NAME.

Well if you are a time served person such as myself then you know what I’ am talking about. I am here to learn other and try to teach them basics about ghost in the hope that this will set their path in the study of everything haunted and ghostly.

All my research and work is now dedicated to two women that made a big difference in my life. My Mum, My Granny Alice Mulcaster.
The Ghost Detective Is Born: This is just my opinion people and I do not wish to offend anyone. I think most people put ghosts and spirits into the same box, but this is a mistake as they are separate subjects. Both are purely natural in their origin and have no place in mysticisms whatsoever. Take away the religious context and you will start to see where I am going with this.
Let’s examine spirit. The natural world that we are part of has more power and complexity than we can possibly imagine. I believe that as human beings we all have an inner being, call it spirit, mind, or self, it doesn’t matter which. It is this inner being that continues after we die, as a natural progression, nothing mystical, it’s just natural. Ghosts are no more than recordings that play back to us when the conditions are right, natural conditions. Ghosts cannot interact with you any more than you can interact with a video. As human beings we allow our superstitions and beliefs to cloud our reasoning and judgment, and until we can separate fact from fiction we will never learn the truth. This is a very short summary of an extremely complex subject and one I am passionate about.
A puzzle, as yet to be answered: Recently, while investigating in haunted old peoples homes, I was reminded of a case I investigated over two years ago. In a mid terrace house in the town Northalerton, Northyorkshire, I came across what I can only describe as the most baffling array of paranormal activity I have ever witnessed. The owners of the house were middle aged, hard working, and as honest as they come. When I first met them it was clear they were suffering horrendous problems. They had been sleeping downstairs in the living room for over eighteen months for fear of nightly attacks in their bedroom from an unseen assailant. No, this is not a nightmare out of a book or film, this is real. The attacks were mainly aimed at the male and extremely violent. His legs were covered in bruises and scratches inflicted as soon as he fell asleep. Their bed would lift and be carried across the room and the wife would be woken by having her hair pulled violently. Seeking the relative safety of the downstairs rooms the couple were just about holding on to their sanity. During my first interview with them footsteps were heard running about upstairs and bedroom doors could be heard slamming shut, but on investigation the upper rooms were found to be empty. Downstairs our hair was being pulled and odd sounds were coming from the kitchen, it was like being in a haunted theme park. Over the entire investigation we photographed, videoed, and made sound recordings that would leave even the most seasoned investigators stunned. I threw everything I could into the investigations, from spiritualists to psychologists, mediums to faith healers, nothing worked. Then we noticed a pattern emerging. The more people around the less activity there was, so we took just three people on an investigation and it worked, the activity grew stronger. This baffled me at first, I thought the opposite would be the case, the more energy in the house the more activity. It then became apparent it was specific people who made up the small group that evoked the most activity. Then a theory came to mind, could the activity be telekinetic. This theory was strengthened when family history came to light concerning the couples childhood. Even though unrelated, as children they showed uncanny similarities. He played with toys that moved by themselves. She saw objects move in the house. Both were told by their parents these were ghosts that visited them. After marrying the couple lived in several houses over the years and each one became haunted the theory of Telekinesis seemed to fit but I was still uncomfortable with certain elements of the case. Photos of apparitions, full sentences recorded from unseen people joining in on our conversations, how could this be? Is it possible for someone to imprint thoughts onto a digital or tape recorder? Can you transfer images from the mind into a digital camera? We think we know so much, and yet we know so very little. Maybe you have your own theories on this case. Whatever the outcome I will still go over to see the couple who have now become good friends. Somehow the activity is less of a fear for them now. The violence has stopped and the activity that remains seems to spur the couple on to study the phenomena. It’s still a puzzle, as yet unanswered.
You thought you knew people: A fundamental part of investigating reports of paranormal activity is interviewing an eyewitness. I have interviewed hundreds of people over the years who have had paranormal tales to tell to tell me or my staff. Some would be outspoken with their own theories to what lay behind the story being told. Others would need gentle encouragement to give the complete story, shying away from detailed facts that would often include themselves. Those are the two main personality traits that you will come across, but are you being told the truth? Time has a knack of changing details in someone's memory. Elaboration sets in and we are told an imaginatively enhanced story's that, at their core hold some truth, but you need to clear away the frills to get to it. Try to get to the eye witness sooner rather than later. Even after a few months the memory fades and details are lost. They may even be put under pressure by friends and family not to speak about their experience. After interviewing for a few years you become skilled in reading people extremely quickly. Reading people, not judging them, there is a big difference in the two. I try really hard not to judge people but it can be hard not to. When reading people look at the person’s expression, their reaction, are they open to your questions or do they seem overly guarded in their responses. Do they seem uncomfortable, or too relaxed? All these things point you in a certain direction and your questions can be tailored to suit the person sitting in front of you. My psychology plays a big part in investigating and evaluating the information presented to me. Take your time, even if this means two or three visits. Get to know a little about the person you are talking to. Even now I still get caught out. It usually happens when the person you are interviewing has a deep seated belief that you are unaware of at the time. You can ask some searching questions to try to ascertain their beliefs, but there are some things people will not reveal. Deep rooted racism, religious extremism, mental illness kept in check by powerful drugs. I once interviewed a dear sweet little old lady who offered me buttered scones and hot sweet tea. I saw this lady turn into a seething explosion of hatred vented against a minority group in this country, and then just as quickly she changed back and offered me another scone. Just when you thought you knew people! Here are some tips that may help you when interviewing people. Never take anything at face value so record every interview and play it back several times, as you analyse it you will be surprised at what you can learn. Sometimes it is the most mundane story that turns out to be the most interesting. Last but not least, be prepared for the unexpected. I still get a buzz when interviewing people. I hope I always will.

Timeless belief: For many people the word paranormal means just one thing, ghosts. The word “paranormal” covers a multitude of subjects, many of which have been used to explain ghostly phenomena. Telekinesis, the power of mind over matter. Psychometry the ability of a person to sense or "read" the history of an object by touching it. E.S.P. The list goes on and on. But where do these paranormal beliefs come from. For the answer to this we need to step back in time and look at the beliefs of our ancestors. The Druids held belief in the power of the natural earth and used people’s superstition to assert their power. When the Roman invaders came they did their best to do away with the Celtic culture and replaced it with their own form of rule by suppression. But not all the Celtic rituals died out, some, like Halloween, has origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. The ancient Celts believed that on October 31st, now known as Halloween, the boundary between the living and the deceased dissolved, and the dead become dangerous for the living by causing problems such as sickness or damaged crops. The festivals would frequently involve bonfires and the ritual burning of livestock. Now mix that with Roman festivals and Samhain was assimilated to the day of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and gardens who was celebrated around 1st of November, the time of the apple harvest. Bobbing for apples ring a bell? Then Christianity overcame the “Dark Ages”, and Samhain-Pomona Day survived this second “invasion”, again by being assimilated. Christian churches used to solemnize or assign special days for the formal commemoration of their chosen martyrs and saints. November 1st officially became All Hallows

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