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Scientific Method Science is not synonymous with the use of 'gadgets', often quite the reverse. Science involves the dispassionate testing of hypotheses, excluding the role of chance and basing research upon valid and provable assumptions.

Finding the Truth Only by being fully committed to establish the 'normal' can one ever hope to study what is currently unexplainable - where it is accepted that 99% of 'paranormal evidence' is neither scientifically gathered nor unexplainable - and ever hope to progress the study of what is unexplained.
The assumption-led approach has produced a mountain of fools gold, the impartial and rational approach deserves a proper chance.

Impartial and Unbiased We do not pre-suppose the existence of 'paranormal' forces. It is not possible to be scientific where ones approach to research is assumption-led. Impartiality means not making any assumptions about 'evidence' and giving primary consideration to the xenonormal.

There are a few problems with the idea of ghosts as they’ve been presented. Often the evidence comes down to a few strange or weird photographs or eyewitness accounts, although some paranormal investigators have used advanced technology to attempt the verification of hauntings. This technology raises an important issue; if technology can detect ghosts, then ghosts should be a part of the realm of science, that is to say they can be proven or disproven using the scientific method right?

So here we will attempt to see how science can cast light on the issue of ghosts. For starters, there is ghost photography. There are thousands of supposed photographs of ghosts of floating around this world. There’s a major problems with these photographs, and that is photons. As far as these photographs are concerned, there’s a common assumption that the camera can capture things that the human eye just can’t see.
Of course, the human eye and the camera lens work exactly the same way; they require photons to hit them and create chemical changes; either in rods and cones or on a light-sensitive plate. If ghosts were invisible they would either have to absorb all light or allow all light to pass through them. If light could be reflected it would hit camera lenses and human eyes in exactly the same physical way. Granted, there are parts of the light spectrum invisible to humans (such as infrared or ultraviolet), but this wouldn’t explain how ghosts can show up on closed circuit security cameras, for instance, or digital cameras which are set to capture visible light. So there could be ghost photographs, but only if ghosts are visible in the conventional way, that is, if they reflect light.

Another common occurrence in ghost reports is that the presence of a ghost, usually invisible in this case, creates a cold spot in a room, an area of lower heat. Heat is created by molecular motion, in the case of atmospheric heat, by the Brownian motion of oxygen, nitrogen and argon atoms in the air. For a ghost to affect the temperature of a space it must affect the motion of these atoms in the air. By what means could a ghost or spirit impact the relative motion of atoms in the air? In the same line of reasoning; by what means could a poltergeist manipulate the molecules of objects?

Ghosts do seem to be affected by gravity. The Earth is revolving around the Sun at a velocity of 18.5 miles per second. Thus, within five seconds after death, a spirit should be almost a hundred miles from the place of its death. After all, there is nothing tying us to this ball of rock we call a planet other than the attractive force of gravity. Not only is the Earth revolving around the Sun, but the entire Solar System is revolving around the Galaxy. If our spirits did survive after death, there should be a million mile trail of spirits following the Earth and Solar System through space. After all, gravity creates attraction between masses.

So over the next few months we are going to use science to try to disprove the many investigators claims that science can not be used when conducting any investigation as you cant have controlled conditions when investigating haunted loctions.Why? well this is what we are going to find out!

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