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The Most Frightening Job

I worked at a retail store in the Sunvalley Mall as a Sales Associate. The store was supposedly "haunted", yet of course I chose not to believe it.
One morning I was opening with the head manager. It was about 9:30 in the morning and the store did not open on Saturdays until 10.00am. Anyways, my manager had me bringing stock out onto the floor so that way we would be fully stocked and ready to go. I had my hands full of gray shirts and was getting ready to walk out the door when I saw a figure walk by. I stopped, called my manager out, and told her what happened. We searched the sales floor, but nothing was there. It was really scary, but she told me that she had that happen to her also.
Another night, I was closing with my favorite manager and co-worker (we never got anything done) and they were counting out. I was standing in the hallway with the door to the office and to the sales floor opened. I was talking to them and I saw the figure again. I told my manager and she started to laugh. All of a sudden the door (which is heavy and a pain to shut) slammed shut and we heard footsteps. My manager yelled at me to get inside the office and we shut the door and watched the surveillance video. We saw different carts and things being thrown around and lights tuning on and off.
 We finally got the courage to go outside, me with a hammer, my manager with a heavy book, and my co-worker with a screwdriver. One person guarded the doors while I checked out the stock area, which was clear, then we checked the sales floor, which was miraculously clean.
We all left that night and within one month we were no longer employed there. We had all quit.

Afterwards, I found out that before the store became occupied by that company, there was an employee in the loft (which is near the ceiling, only accessible by a ladder) and tripped and had fallen the whole 20ft onto the cement floor. They broke their neck and died instantly.
I was told that this was the figure (which was a male) that haunted the store.
One of the other co-workers said that while they were working in the stock room, they had talked to the ghost and carried on conversations with it.
It is pretty scary and I will never work at that mall again.

When I was about 5 or 6 my family and I lived in an old house in Plainfield, Massachusetts, USA. The only thing I really remember about the house was that it was an ugly brown color.
Very early one morning I woke up to the usual sounds of my father getting ready for work. I lay in bed for about 5 minutes with my eyes closed trying to get back to sleep, but my ears are very sensitive to sounds far away so sleep did not come. I opened up my eyes and at the opposite end of my room (my room, though not in the attic was shaped as an attic is shaped. My bed being at the far end and the door at the other end) I saw three men dressed in Revolutionary war time clothes. They were silverish in color and translucent, but I could see them quite clearly. One of the men was on a horse. They did not stand or float. It's hard to explain, they were stationary but did not have lower halves of their bodies to support them. They seemed to merely taper off. Of course being a girl of such a young age I started screaming my head off. The men did not vanish, and I can't find the right words to describe how they went away.
When my father came upstairs the men were gone. The memory of those men has stuck with me my whole life and I can remember it like it happened just yesterday.
Since that day I have become aware that I am more sensitive to things of a paranormal nature then others are. I am now 15 years old and very much interested in the paranormal. I have oftentimes seen and heard things that no one else can see or hear, I have an acute ability for picking out "faces" that are hidden in things that others don't see until I point them out.
If you have this ability you know what I mean.
If anyone has had experiences similar to mine, or even if anyone has some input on this I'd love to hear from you.  

To this day, I try to figure out a logical explanation of what may have happened that evening of 1992 - but I can't find one.
I was only 10 years old when this happened. At that time, we were living in a fairly large apartment complex – in the small city of Dhaka – the capital of Bangladesh.
A country that is approximately the size of the state of Wisconsin.
It was just time for sunset and I was happily riding my red bike around in the complex … despite of the fact that my mom had called for me twice to come home – and I probably should’ve gone home by then. But I was young, and a proud bike owner. None of the other kids owned a bike like I did and I had to ride it all the time – even if it meant a few words from mom or no ice cream!
I was riding my bike along the sidewalk, with really a very few people walking by. And that’s when I saw him. As I was riding the bike, he was maybe ten feet away from me. He was a little boy, about four feet tall, very dark skinned – fairly ordinary … he looked like someone who probably lived on the streets …. (if you have lived in a third world county – you can easily distinguish between the rich, middle class and poor). I didn’t know him – he definitely didn’t live in the complex. He was looking straight at me, with a wide smile. He had bright white teeth and was wearing a bright white shirt. He was a pretty ordinary boy – but the whiteness of his teeth and the shirt was fairly … not ordinary … and to a level - abnormal.
At first I didn’t think of it as anything … after all, he could be one of those kids – just happy to see a bike … I made a right turn right in front of him with a face without impression – a lot of the kids like my bike … big deal! He was still smiling – absolutely no change in the way he was standing or his facial impression, as if he was a statue with very lively eyes. The following things struck me in the next fifteen to twenty seconds.

Normally, a person starts smiling when you make contact with them – this boy didn’t do that? What is the reason for his direct eye contact – kids of his age definitely didn’t do that unless asked to? This little boy was totally creeping me out when I realized that he was standing again in front of me – about five feet away. I stood there, looked for him may be for 5 seconds. I considered myself not so bright but I was smart enough to understand that there was no way he could’ve ran (forget walking) that fast from his previous position to here. And most strikingly?! He was standing in the same position, smiling the exact same way – as if someone had moved the statue from one place to another. I quickly made my U turn, peddled as fast as I could – went around the buildings – straight in front of our building and screamed on top of my lungs “maamoni!!” (mommy in Bengali – my language). 
We lived on the 6th floor and I had lost all my courage to go upstairs all alone – afraid that the friendly, yet abnormal boy may be there – with his bright white smile.
To this date – I’ve tried to come up with many reasons – trying to convince myself that I really didn’t see this .. or trying to find a logical explanation for this as I don’t want to believe this is supernatural. I couldn’t come up with one. How did he move that fast ??
If anyone has an answer – please do contact me.

There is a rather long and winding road in Singapore that's really beautiful in the day. Lush green trees and bushes line the sides of the road and large residential properties sit on both sides. It gets especially breath-taking in the evenings, when the evening sunlight streams across the trees, onto the brown leaves scattered on the road. We don't get to see much of such places over here, given how small our island state is. It's one of the places I love to drive through...but only in the daytime now, and only if I absolutely have to. And never in the night.
About a year ago, I had a close friend, K, come visit me in Singapore and it was a happy reunion when I went and collected her from the airport. We had a great time catching up on lost time and talking about our lives and how much we'd progressed since we first met. We got so engrossed chatting and laughing that it was too late when I'd realised I'd missed my turn, and had had to make a huge U-turn to get to our destination, which was her hotel somewhere just off of town. Groaning inwardly and not wanting her to know that I'd gone the wrong way, I simply drove on and continued talking with her when I realised that I was headed back for the highway which leads back to the airport! Just as I was about to tell K how silly I was to miss my turn, I saw the entrance to that peaceful winding road and thought it would be a great idea to show her what I felt was one of Singapore's more beautiful spots. So I gladly turned in and proceeded to tell her about this spot which I'd always enjoyed driving on...
As we turned into the road and drove along, the first thing I noticed was that there were no other cars on the road, which I attributed to the late hour - K had arrived at about 11.30 pm so by the time we got here, it was already about 12.30 past midnight. We were still having a great time, singing along to some silly song on the radio and I remember K remarking endlessly about how big the houses were and how nice it must be for people to live on this road. Just as I leant forward to turn up the volume of the music on the radio, K suddenly barked in a hoarse whisper, "Drive faster." Confused and taken aback by her sudden change in demeanor, I looked back onto the road and was startled by the figure of a lone jogger on the left hand side of the road. "What's he doing here at this late hour?" I wondered softly aloud, sensing that something was not quite right by this time, and glanced round at K who had turned quite pale by this time. "K?" I probed, "Are you ok?" K then grabbed my hand, shocking me as her hand was ice cold, and said shakily, " Damn it G, drive!" Needless to say, I stepped on the gas as hard as I could, overtaking the jogger. As I looked in my rear-view mirror, I got the shock of my life - the jogger was running just behind my car! It didn't make sense, I was going at least 90 km/h by now and still picking up speed, yet he was following me so closely! I floored it and gripped my steering wheel so tight I'm not sure how I managed to move it around, given how curvy the road was. I was certain by then that we were both in big trouble, and was kicking myself for taking this route in the first place. Then K whimpered, and I thought I heard her starting to cry. 2 seconds later, I realised why. He was running alongside my car now, I swear, by this time, I almost swerved the whole car out of fright. From the corner of my eye, I saw that he wasn't really running, but just seemed to be..floating alongside us. Believe me, I never knew what real fear tasted like, until that night.
Then the worst happened..

He turned and looked right at me, and for some reason, I turned and looked back. Dressed in a casual polo T-shirt, he looked like any normal human man, probably in his early thirties, of mixed heritage. Only the entire right side of his face was all smashed up and I could see some parts of his skull. He looked angry yet his eyes were the most frightening of all. They were so big yet so lifeless, but most of all, he didn't have eyeballs, only whites. I looked at my side-view mirror and only saw the empty road reflected where he should have been, and knew that if this went on any longer, I would certainly have a heart attack or something. Then as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone. Gone from my rear-view and side-view mirrors. I sped on and almost cried from relief when I saw the street lamps on the main road just up ahead, and almost got myself into an accident when I just shot out onto it.
It's been about a year since it happened, and I haven't gone back on that road since. Incidentally, I was in a taxi just last week after a few drinks and after chatting with the taxi driver for a bit, I thought I'd ask him if he's been on that road, to which he replied, "NO WAY am I driving on that road at night! Not even if you paid me extra, I'll gladly drop you off at the roadside." When I asked him why, he told me that his other cabbie friends have seen this lone jogger and also experienced the same thing as I did. Sometimes the man would appear in front of the vehicle and go on running backwards (!!), and other times he would just be following the vehicle closely. According to what he's heard, this jogger died in a hit-and-run accident and the rogue driver was never found. I guess he's since taken it upon himself to try and locate his killer, therefore the hauntings.
Finally, when I asked K why she told me so urgently to drive faster when she saw him jogging alongside the road (after all, I've seen people jogging late at night, it's nothing unusual), she told me, "Because I already saw him jogging along the MAIN road even before we entered the curvy road. At first I didn't think much of it, but when I saw him again inside, I knew that there was no way any human being could run that quickly, so that was when I told you to speed up."
I've since done quite a bit of research on places with paranormal activity and so now avoid them like the plague. Don't want to make the same mistake again.

If you have a story to tell ,then please drop us an email .Thanks for reading!!!!

THE APARTMENT GHOST To all readers, this might be a little scary (especially to under aged viewers).

One day, my family and I bought this apartment, so we went in, and looked around. I thought that the place was a little creepy, but I thought I'd give it a chance.

That same night, my father came home from work, and he sat down on the couch to watch TV. My sister and I shared a room with bunk beds, while my brother had a room right across from our's. We were all sound asleep. Then my dad saw a little white figure that looked exactly like my brother! Then my dad said "John, go to bed", but the boy seemed to stay. "JOHN, GO TO BED!", my dad said again. The boy stayed. My dad got up, and went to the hall nervously. He saw that there was nothing there, so he went into John's room, and saw that John was SNORING!!!
My father witnessed the ghost of a little boy.

The next night my father got my mother to go in the living room and watch TV with him. He had told her about the ghost, and naturally, he wasn't believed. So he showed her.
They were sitting on the couch, when my dad saw the figure in the corner of his eyes. He told my mother to look, so she did. Obviously, she thought it was John. So she said "John, go to bed". It didn't move. Then my mother went into John's room and saw that he was sound asleep. MY MOTHER WITNESSED THE GHOST BOY TOO.
I always believed my dad when he told us these kind of stories. My dad and I are big believers of the paranormal.

One night, my sister and I went to bed and we left the door open. At around three o` clock in the morning, we heard some footsteps and laughing in the hallway, but since our door was open, we saw nothing. Half of the time, I would see shadows on the wall, and pray to god that it was mom or dad. JoHn had this toy truck up in his closet facing sideways so it wouldn't fall down. One day, we heard a big BANG in John's room. All three of us ran to mom and dad's room screaming like we were being killed. My dad went into John's room and found that the toy truck was on the ground. Freaked out, all of us ran out of the apartment and sold it. When this happened I was 5. I am 10 now, so you could say that was five years ago.   

GHOSTS IN OUR HOME,  I should start by saying that my husband has always been able to sense spirits/ghosts. I have always been interested in ghost stories (I love to get spooked), but I am one of those people that doesn't want to see anything for myself.
A few years ago, my husband and I purchased an old run down church that we are slowly converting into our home. It was built in 1870, although I don't know if that is the original date or the date of the first or second rebuilding (the entire town (if you could call it that) burned down twice that we know of). As we have been remodeling things in the basement (which is our main living area), we have had some strange things occur. (I will refer to the church as a house from now on as it is our home.)
On a few occasions I have come home knowing my husband wasn't home, but heard his rolling desk chair move upstairs. I of course would call up to him and receive no answer since he was not in the house at the time.

One time while I was in the bedroom getting ready for the day, my husband said goodbye to me and left. As I was changing clothes, I heard the computer chair in the alcove next to our room roll across the floor. I said "I thought you left" as I walked out of the bedroom door only to discover that no one was in the chair and my husband had indeed left the house.

When we first bought the church, the walk out basement doors were original to the building. They were made of wood with no windows. Before we had new glass doors installed, many a night we would hear knocking on the doors and when we opened the doors to see who was there, no one would be around. Keep in mind, our neighbors have a motion sensing light that would go on if anyone entered our yard as well as their own and the light was off and no one was there.
There would be nights I would be the only one to hear a knock and I would answer the door and no one was there. This happened to my husband as well. Since installing the new doors, no knocks have been heard.

We had purchased a "Woody" doll (from the Toy Story movies) for my young son for his birthday last February and one night while we were all in bed (everyone in the house was asleep but me as is usual) I heard the Woody doll go off. Although I was a bit freaked out, I thought "OK, maybe my son is sleeping with it and he rolled over onto the string." A couple minutes later, the doll went off AGAIN and I almost jumped out of my skin! I didn't say anything to my husband as I waited to see what would happen next. After it went off a third time, chicken that I am, I woke my husband and sent him into their room to investigate. He said the doll was in the toy box and the string was not pulled out at all. After that it didn't go off again.

Our computer sits in an alcove between our bedroom and the kitchen with our sons' room and living room across the hall. The bathroom is on the other side of the kitchen. There are nights my husband will be up late on the computer and he will hear footsteps walking down the hallway toward the living room. He says they go into the living room toward the walk out doors and bathroom and then he hears them come back again.

There have been nights he is convinced our older son is up walking to the bathroom, the steps are so distinct. Other nights he hears footsteps walking toward him as he is concentrating on the computer screen. He feels someone standing behind his right shoulder, but when he turns around to ask our son what he is doing out of bed, no one is there.

Before this, my husband told me of a dream he had one night of a little boy and girl, and an older girl (perhaps 16 or so) and a soldier from the Civil War. He says they are all attached to the land our house is on. He feels the little boy is the one wandering around in the night while he is on the computer, and it is this boy he feels most often and the strongest of all our "guests".

My husband stays up late most nights and he said that a few times he has seen shadows move across the walls in our room. They are not coming from outside as the windows in our room are at the wrong angle for this to happen. He has also seen a light moving across the ceiling in our boys' room. He insists it isn't caused by our neighbors or from the street (as our neighbor's house blocks the window from the road until the angle is impossible to cause this).

We have many things come up missing only to find them later in a totally different place than they were originally, or after searching the house and the expected place over and over, the object will finally be where it was supposed to be in the first place. This seems to be the favourite "trick" of the ghosts in our house.

On Halloween this year, my husband was particularly antsy all day. I didn't think anything of it until we came home from taking the boys trick-or-treating and my husband took a much shorter shower than is usual. I asked him what was wrong and he said "Too many ghosts and spirits!" I looked at him funny and he said "Can't you feel them??" Being that I would FREAK if I could feel/sense HALF of what he does, I laughed at him and said "No, what are you talking about?" He said the spirits were really active all day and especially in the evening. Not just in our house, but out while we were about town too. For someone like him who senses these things constantly to say that, it really put me on edge. We had no strange occurrences in the house that night thankfully!

Most recently, my husband quietly called me from the bedroom to the computer and said "Do you hear the noise in the bathroom?" Luckily I did not and said so. He said he had been hearing someone walking the floor in there for quite a while. I asked him if it could be mice as it is that time of year. He gave me a look and said "NO it isn't MICE! I know what mice sound like and I wouldn't hear them from here if it were." (Good point thank God!) I did not hear them, but I must say I was a bit put off to have to go in there that night to use the toilet!
I am sure there are more things that have happened, but these are the ones I can remember at the moment.

Sheila Sayyae Campbell

 I live in a condo that is VERY active with my daughter who is sensitive. We have a 14 year old "boy" named Brandon who seems to be the main spirit around here. Have had a few mediums over who have all said the same thing..."You have way too much going on upstairs in your bedroom". We actually have EVP's of Brandon and my 4 year old talking to eachother. Its always active but mostly harmless (noise, things moving) but has gotten a little dark at times. Let me know if you are interested. Good luck with your book. I have actually had 2 other teams besides my own come here. Nobody has left empty handed. I actually had a team ask me if they could use my condo for training...LOL. I said no, of course, because it seemed to me that after every investigation, my "houseguests" got a little more aggravated. Nothing spectacular with the history here. We have had a hard time getting details but no deaths as far as we know. Brandon will ALWAYS communicate. I have had 2 sensitives tell me I have a portal in my home that was probably opened by me and my bad choice of letting everyone investigate here so I stopped investigations a while back when we went through a really dark time....I was punched in the arm and scratched. The mediums also think that regardless of where I move to, I will have "houseguests" (we call them that because I dont want my daughter hear us saying ghosts or are sooo impressionable). They seem to think that Maya attracts with her gifts. I am actually getting ready to bring her to school and am spending the day there with her due to some activities going on at school. I will write tonight with stories from here. I guess I should add that Maya and I are moving in a week to a new condo. Not because of the activity but due to a break up with her Daddy. Since I have been packing, it has gotten exceptionally active. 

So if you have storys and you want to share it with is then drop us a line.

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