Monday, 5 March 2012

Legal Papers

Public Liability Insurance: Shaun Underwood/TRIPA UK holds PLI to a maximum of £5 million.

Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults: Shaun Underwood volunteers frequently come into contact with people who are vulnerable by nature of their experiences, and to reflect this maintains a TRIPA UK policy. This includes CRB checking of all volunteers, for which a Data Handling policy is also held.

Education and Training: Only suitably qualified trainers and teachers undertake of education professionals.

Statement of Ethics: Shaun Underwood holds a statement of ethics drawn from the British Psychological Society and Parapsychological Association. This includes: doing no harm, informed consent, deception, freedom to withdraw, confidentiality, debriefing and reporting research.

Risk Assessment: Shaun Underwood will always conducts risk assessments as part of the terms of its insurance. This includes visual monthly inspections of equipment and annual PAT testing of all mains equipment over ever six to twelve months old.

Data Protection: Website User Data: Shaun Underwood has no means of covertly gathering any specific data about any casual website users, or about the identity of individuals who visit the TRIPA UK & Blog websites. Where surveys are completed user IP addresses may be logged for methodological reasons but users will always be informed.

Data Protection: Membership: Contact Mr Underwood

Data Protection: Confidentiality: All information supplied to Shaun Underwood is held confidentially within the organisation, unless agreed otherwise. Exceptions occur when Shaun Underwood/TRIPA UK is held to have a duty of care; where we believe individuals may be of harm to themselves or others Shaun Underwood is bound by law that all known information to relevant emergency services and local authorities.

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