Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Real Ghost Detective.

The (REAL) Ghost Detective

Shaun Underwood D.I.P
There's many names you can call your self when you investigated ghosts and the paranormal world. Names such as Ghost Hunter, Paranormal researcher or investigator but I go by the term Ghost Detective, The Real Ghost detective!. Ive spent the better part of 20 years studying ghost and hautnings.There are others that go by the name Ghost Detective,Writers etc. With that said and done I am the only fulltime detective so for that reason I am the The REAL Ghost Detective.

Why do I go by the ghost detective? I spend a lot of my time working and interviewing people before for I under go any investigations. My job takes me lots of different places. One day I get called to a house where there has been a ghost sighting. I walk into the home, and the family is sitting there confused.

Another day, I'm looking into a Manor House that that holds some dark paranormal activity within its walls. The another day I can be working in a field of battle where some folks have seen or heard strange ghostly sounds or sightings of soldiers.

Another day, I'm deep in the woods working around a Castle
To some people, this kind of work does not sound like much fun. It can get a little gruesome and dark at times. But to me, it's all fascinating. Every case is a new, special puzzle, and my job is investigate and to help solve it. I do that by looking for evidence, carefully collecting the facts and not fiction.

It's only then by studying it to see what it tells me. The evidence can come from a million different places. I work with all sorts of scientists and experts in the paranormal Field to help analyze the evidence and figure out what going. However I never Remove ghosts with help from any of my locations unless its clear me that the family are suffering because of whats going on at there home.

One of the most important parts of my job is to ask questions over and over again and then try to piece together the answers. Take the case of the ghost skeleton in the castle. I've got lots of questions: The first one is pretty obvious: who died at this location?

If things follow the normal pattern, I have a pretty good chance of finding the answer to this questions with using the internet, books and THE FACTS. The second question is, When did the person die? So how did this person die?.Why is he or she haunting this location?, Are they trying to show us something? The list can go on and on.

Start with the facts of what you have!

Shaun Underwood,Ghost Detective wishes to thanks

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