Monday, 20 February 2012

TV Ghost Hunting Shows

TV GHOST HUNTING SHOWS: I’ve been investigating ghosts now for as long as I can remember. I’ve been investigating ghost and haunting since 1993/4 and researching ghosts via books since I was a child. Anyone and everyone who knows me knows that I always give 110 percent into everything I do with regards to my research. I spend a large part searching the internet and looking into other paranormal teams and finding out what there researching at the moment. The thing that gets me more than anything else is why they seem to work as if there on TV. Come on why do you do this? Why do you have to make yourselves look bigger than what you are? Why do you act when you know you’re being filmed?
This effects me somewhat, Why can’t they just be there self’s. See I think its peer TV that does this. They have no individuality about them and this makes me so angry. Just the other day I was sent a email from a team in the US, Will not say there name but I could not do anything for laughing as I clicked on a link for there youtube page and I swear to you it was like watching a bad acting TV show.
Why do you all do this? Please answer me ‘tell me why you can’t just be yourselves when conducting your own research rather than base your work around a TV show that is ONLY entertainment purposes. Listen I’ am not knocking them for who they are, Never! But I want to know why they feel they have to act when the camera is running. See TV shows such as Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters and Dead Famous have made the paranormal investigations a mockery. See in all the years I’ve done this I have never come across activity that they seem to get each show. Listen I ‘am not saying that this stone throwing can’t happen, I’ am just saying that it seems to happen way too much. I know when I have been doing my research and we all have to record everything we do just in case something does take place and you’re in the right place and the right time to pick up the activity. I know why the TV shows does this and it’s because anyone that does do any form of ghost hunting would say that you can sit in a room in the cold and dark for hours on end and nothing ever happen so the TV shows make things happen just to make sure they keep the viewers attention. I don’t mind that but I do mind when team or investigators take this a fact and what is taking place is real.
Come on people please stop this madness.
Its TV and it’s not real!!

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